Study At Sea Programs

An exchange program that involves studying abroad for a semester or longer may involve residing in one country and attending a local school. On the other hand, a study at sea program allows for a more enriching experience. This type of program involves spending time in many countries and learning about sea life and various cultures around the world. Why Spend Time At Sea? If you would like to enrich your child's education, enrolling them in a study at sea program can be life-changing. Read More 

How Summer Programs Can Help Children Grow

Many schools feature summer programs that students can enroll in once the regular school year has ended. There are a variety of in-person and remote summer programs that schools offer to help children stay engaged both academically and socially during their summer vacations. Students may also grow in different ways while taking part in these summer programs, which can be highly beneficial for children in many aspects of their lives. Read More 

SEL Lesson Plans: Remote Learning Plans For Language Acquisition

If your SEL student is struggling with remote learning, SEL lesson plans can help you improve language acquisition, even when traditional lessons are not an option. Here are some SEL lesson plans to improve language acquisition when learning in a non-traditional instruction model. Language Exchange SEL learners build language acquisition when it helps connect them to others. You can foster connections in a remote learning environment by connecting SEL students with parents, friends, and peers. Read More 

Online High School Programs: Offering Connections

Switching from a traditional to digital high school classroom can be daunting. In particular, losing clubs, sports, and other extracurricular opportunities can make the learning experience feel very lonely for some high school students. Here's how online high school programs offer their students ways to feel more connected, even when they're compelled to learn remotely. Academic Mentorship Student engagement can be enhanced when they feel more connected to their peers. Online high school programs foster academic connections for students to improve learning outcomes. Read More 

3 Things You Can Expect From ICAP Online Courses

Kids spend the majority of their lives in school, striving toward their high school diploma. Many parents hope their children will continue attending school after graduation by pursuing higher education in college after high school. However, kids can feel lost as high school comes to an end. Without a solid plan, some children may not live up to their full potential. The Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) program can help. Read More